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Ultra Pure Mendocino Purps

$50.00 $45.00

Ultra Pure Mendocino Purps Cannabis Oil

Price: $45 per gram

Minimum Order Quantity : 7 grams


Strain type: Hybrid

Oil Extraction Method: Super-critical CO2

Total THC: (THC THCa): 82.15%

Total CBD: (CBD CBDa): 0.18%

Total CBN: 1.29%



Ultra Pure Mendocino Purps Cannabis Oil

Ultra pure mendocino purps cannabis oil two comes from Mendocino Purps marijuana grown in Northern two California.
Mendocino Purps, or Mendo Purps, or even in fact The Purps, comes out of Mendocino County in Northern California. Winning one of the Top Ten slots in High Times’ Strains of the Year in 2007, the style has been likened to a caramelespresso and woodsy pine. Mendocino Purps is a back-cross of a pure landrace USA Indica. As its title suggests, this clone-only stress supplied ideal here from Mendocino County in California. While the actual Mendocino Purps is rare, BC Bud Depotacquired one in 2004 and inbred it to create seeds of the stress theyknown as The Purps. It is regularly compelled with the clone-only stress and the hybrid from TH Seedsviewed as Da Purps


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